Difference Between Mistress And Sugar Baby

4Many new sugar babies have such a question on the mind: Am I the mistress? Sugar daddy dating is a little different from normal dating, just because this dating is based on an agreement, rather looking for a serious long term relationship. What’s more, sugar babies know they are not the only woman in the man’s life. But for some sugar babies, they also hope they can be the only one at least during this relationship, which could make themselves do not look like a mistress. If you are wondering if your sugar daddy is married or is going on a date with others, don’t worry, there are some ways that could help you make a good judgement.

Some details you need to pay more attention
1. Call time – When does your sugar daddy call you? Does he always call you at a regular time? Deep night, during work hours or in the middle of a commute? Because this is the best and safest time to contact with his sugar baby, after all, he wants to hide it from someone.

2. How many phones does he have? Many successful elite men have multiple phones or devices, one for personal use and one for business. And also, your sugar daddy might make his personal life compartmentalized by using multiple devices. So if he wants to hide some things, it’s hard to say what he is hiding and why.

3. Where do you usually meet up? If you have known where he lives and works, and where you meet is near his home or work place, it might be that your sugar daddy are trying to keep a discreet relationship with you. It is a signal that he is trying to stop you meet someone he knows. Certainly, it might be a personal thing so that he doesn’t feel like making it overlaped with his social circles before feeling comfortable.

54. Real name or an alias? Usually, users won’t share real name on the Internet, no matter you are a sugar daddy or sugar baby, single or married, after all, there are many potential scammers, blackmailers, and all-around creepy stalkers.Online dating is potentially dangerous, so it is necessary to hide some personal information. Additional, if your potential sugar daddy don’t want to share some details to verify who he is, so he may hide something from you.

Many of these small details could indicate that he is in a relationship or already married. A man who wants to have a discreet secondary relationship, especially with a young beautiful sugar baby. So there is such a kind of sugar daddy who just want to look for stimulation due to comfortable life in his family. Therefore, think twice before you set up in sugar daddy relationship, because it may bring you some bad things even though you are able to get things that you want.

Know clearly what kind of sugar daddy relationship you want
For many experienced sugar babies, it is not a big deal that become a mistress, but for others, it is unacceptable. The most important reason is that what kind of sugar daddy relationship do you want. In the impression of most people, sugar daddy dating is mostly about sex, but the platonic sugar daddy relationship is also exist. In fact, the main reason of rich men seeking sugar baby is that they just want to release pressures from work or family, although they need to give their sugar babies allowance in return.

If you want to find a single sugar daddy, why not put it on you profile clearly? And when you are looking for sugar daddy, be more careful, because some of them are very excellent and good at hiding secrets from their sugar babies. Perhaps, there are so many people will tell you that being a sugar baby is wrong, you may break up a marriage. So, you need to know clearly that what are you doing and what is your bottom line. Remember that don’t do anything that may make you regret.

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