How to Know If He Is A Real Sugar Daddy

A mature couple, portrait --- Image by © Sean Russell/fstop/CorbisIn recent years, more and more successful men are keen on seeking a travel companion who keep their company in return for cash, gifts and more. But when it comes to sugar daddy, do these things that are very normal. There is a group of people who act like a sugar daddy, and even make sex with sugar babies, but not generous. So these men are not real sugar daddy, or rather a sugar daddy wannabe. To help sugar babies distinguish the men whether a sugar daddy or not, there are some typical features that sugar daddies have you need to know and remember.

He is usually much older than his beautiful girl
This kind of man is not sugar daddy who is younger or close to the same age with his girl. Sugar daddy usually is a mature successful man with a long history of relationship experiences and life experiences. This is the reason why sugar daddies are attracted to younger beautiful ladies.

Stable income and has settled residence
A sugar daddy usually has something that could show his wealth, like his house, car or business. All sugar daddies are rich and have a steady income, if not, the man absolutely isn’t a sugar daddy. Treasure is prerequisite for a sugar daddy, which could highlight his status in the life. So a real sugar daddy has enough material to attract younger beautiful girls.

Volunteer to give his hands to help the girl without any ask from her
A sugar daddy will not only invite you go to dinner and movie, but also help you repay the education loan. But for a sugar daddy wannabe, who just find attractive younger ladies and get something from them without any gift in return. So if you are dating a rich man, make sure if he is a sugar daddy or not according to this rule.

Willing to take care and spoil his sugar baby from the heart
Sugar daddy is a man who offers cash, gifts or other material things to a younger woman in return for companion and sex. As a sugar daddy, who is willing to give some money to his sugar baby when he is not staying with her. So once you create an arrangement dating relationship with a sugar daddy, you’ll get anything what you want, because he’ll give you the best care.

He won’t come into a serious relationship with you
Most sugar daddies won’t have a long-term relations or get married with someone, so they usually won’t think about the future of their sugar baby. If a sugar daddy grows weary of his younger beautiful girl, he’ll terminate the agreement between of them, or start a new relationship with another one. So most sugar daddies are willing to help younger ladies without any strings attached.

Certainly, there are many benefits when dating a sugar daddy, for example, there is no lying and cheating. After all, all deal are based on their agreement.


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