Why Sugar Babies Care Less About Their Sugar Daddy’s Marital Status

24Sugar babies are women, mostly young, who choose to have a relationship with affluent older men commonly known as sugar daddies, for monetary benefit. Who wouldn’t like to live a good life without working hard? It’s not that easy. You will have to give something in return. Sugar babies are usually attractive and wealthy men don’t mind having a relationship with them but are mostly no strings attached relationships. They take the sugar babes to holidays as they can afford to and ‘have fun’. As for the sugar babes, they are not in it for the relationship either as they consider that as ‘working’.

Sugar babies usually don’t really care about the background of the sugar daddy. Whether he is married or not, it is the least of their concerns of the sugar babies as they are in it to win it. The only thing that matters and the most important factor they consider is money. Having a relationship with a married man may come in handy as they frequently find their way back to them as a result of ‘boredom’ or if they are having a hard time with their wives. Some sugar babes also take advantage and pretend to be pregnant so as to benefit as much as the can from the unsuspecting sugar daddies.

Arrangement dating is a special kind of dating between younger women and older rich men. Most of the sugar babies who register are below 25 years old and most sugar daddies are 45-60 years old and most of them are married. The sugar babies are in an experimental age of their life and most of them don’t really need the money but won’t mind living a good life rather than dating their age mates who hardly get by and have nothing else to offer them except ‘love’. Some sugar babies like young men who are unmarried, but most of them opt for the older married men as they usually have so much to spend and usually good to go with one sugar baby unlike the young men who have so much energy and being unmarried, they have no explanation to give to anyone and like going with as many sugar babies as they can.

Many of the sugar babies, if not all, care less if he is married because money is money, whether it comes from the married or unmarried, short or tall, black or white, thin or fat. At the end of the day, where he comes from and how he looks like is not really important. The most important thing to them is the value he adds. It is business at the end of the day and they are in it for the MONEY.


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