3 Factors to Deciding Your Sugar Baby Allowance

With arrangement dating, you have to find someone you truly like and enjoy quality moments with. But then, while you look for these traits, a sugar daddy has to someone capable of meeting your needs and this criterion requires a lot more thought process than some dedicate to it. Might be a little more tasking than regular dating, but it is well worth the gains you get in allowance, gifts and vacations.21

For an enjoyable relationship with your sugar daddy, you would need to discuss allowance arrangements. Getting this done and over with will keep both sugar Baby and sugar Daddy happy and each look forward to more wonderful times together.

Below are three important things to keep in mind when deciding your sugar baby allowance. P.S, outline your needs before putting a stamp on your allowance but remember there should be room for negotiation. Decide if you need a pay per meeting allowance or a monthly allowance. While initial dates might be paid per minute, remember you’re not a prostitute and never accept to be treated as one.

While having a full income from a sugar baby allowance is possible, would be helpful if you have a job too. And if all you need is good supplemental income aside your job, it is important you discuss this with him too. But if you’re totally dependent on allowance from the arrangement, know his financial capacity and discuss this with him.

You desire the beautiful things in life and your specific taste is what stands you out. Finding a sugar baby allowance suitable for your lifestyle should be of high importance to you. You definitely do not want to be seen as a cheap girl or horribly high maintenance person either. Consider your taste before deciding on an allowance and share them with you sugar daddy (keep in mind that not every potential sugar daddy is a millionaire and acquainting yourself with this fact would help you ensure you get the one fit to meet your needs). Your sugar daddy allowance should be able to afford you the fancy things you desire hence let him know if you need more. He just might be able to add in just a few more thousands into allowance for his Baby.

Require medications? You have pets to care for? Consider all of that when deciding on an allowance. Your pets need to fed and taken care of, your medications have to be bought as well and these details can be factored into your sugar baby allowance. Think of all the things you might need money for and categorize them as extras. Unless you don’t mind catering for it personally you should fix those in. Your sugar daddy may send cars to pick you up for dates; you’ll still need to get around. If you own a car, you’ll need gas money and if you don’t, you’ll need funds for commuting. Think of all the extra things you might need money for like lunch with the girls, drinks, cinema or even outdoor swimming and reflect them in your allowance.

Summarily, deciding your allowance is just half the story. You have to be a ton realistic as the very rich are usually not the youngest (forget 50 Shades of gray), sugar daddies are often in the mid-30s to as old as they get, and while they may not afford to buy you a private jet , they just might take you on few trips to the Caribbean. Also the amount you receive depends on how rich, and if incredibly rich, Daddy probably won’t have much trouble providing a generous allowance for Baby and nice gifts as well. Your location determines how much you get paid. Little towns may not have lots of rich sugar-daddies who can afford generous allowances while cities may house larger numbers of rich sugar daddies. Bills are likely going to be lower in towns than big cities. All these aspects should play a part in deciding on your allowance. While it can be an enjoyable venture, treat payment as a business deal and if a payment is missed, be sure to have received it before your next meeting.

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