Should I Travel to Meet A Potential Sugar Daddy?

12Sugar relationships are supposed to be fun and full of romantic experiences. Relationships starts at a point and when a little bit of distance is involved, sometimes, the question of who goes to who may seem a kind of puzzle.

Normally, travelling to visit a loved one should be fun and exciting. However, the loved one in this case appears to be a potential Sugar daddy. The time is ripe to initiate contact and sugar daddy feels you should come, that begs the question, should I travel to meet a potential sugar daddy? Before you take a decision, let’s consider the following

I ask this because, its not just enough that you find a  rich man on a sugar daddy site with little to no clear details of his personality on his profile, there should be more than that, where does he work?, how much information do you know about him, what kind of person is he?

It’s nothing bad to visit your potential sugar daddy. I understand that sugar daddies can be busy most times and would need you to make the effort but how much do you know about him. If you would visit him, it is best you know as much as possible information as you can get about him. Without that, it is just like embarking on a trip to go and spend time with an entirely unknown stranger, you never know what might happen. While making your decisions, do not allow desperation to becloud your judgement. Your safety is a priority and should be given proper attention, if you would eventually embark on the trip, try and get enough info about him as possible.

Another thing that can help in making your decision is how you feel about your potential sugar daddy.

Does he seem a good person to you?


Do you feel at ease spending time with him?

You might have spent some time talking on the phone, having video sessions and the likes, now do you always feel at ease whenever you share time together.

If both of you do, then it’s no problem going over to meet him.

But what if your heart is holding you back?

Your’e feeling somehow, you can’t really explain, but you just feel like potential sugar daddy is not somebody you can trust.

It will do a lot of good to think things through before you decide to go. Again, your being safe is what matters most.

But then, its not like its a dangerous thing to travel to meet your potential sugar daddy, it’s in most cases fun and a totally enjoyable experience,but still, there has been a few cases of sad experiences from sugar babes who had in one way or the other been mistreated by potential bullies hiding under the guise of potential sugar daddies.

If you’ve taken all this into consideration and your heart truly feel you are not in harms way, there is no reason not to embark on the sugar trip because you wouldn’t like to miss the fun in there as sugar daddies could be really caring and romantic.


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